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Basic Guidelines in Redesigning you Bathroom

A well-designed bathroom means a convenient use for everyone. Remodeling it is maximizing its full capacity while keeping it in style. However, if you have plans to upgrade your bathroom, specific codes need to be followed strictly. You might be wondering what building code is. Building code is a set of regulations that determine the standard in building any form of structure. These codes are set to protect the well being of all the related entities and arrangements. So, make sure that you need to secure a building permit before you start with any construction works. Bathroom Remodeling Omaha has prepared guidelines that adhere to the standard building codes.

  1. Door Opening and Interference
    According to standard, a bathroom door should be as wide as 32 to 34 inches. However, if you are remodeling an old bathroom door, there won't be any problem following the existing measurement. But if you decide to relocate your bathroom door, then the standard measurement has to be followed. Also, in your layout, make sure that there no interference when opening your bathroom door, like bumping into a toilet bowl or cabinets. If you have a relatively small bathroom, you can design your bathroom door to swing in the outside direction rather than the inside.
  2. Ceiling Height
    A minimum of 80 inches is needed for the height of the bathroom ceiling.
  3. Clear Floor Area
    There must be a 21 to 30 inches distance between the floor area to the sink or toilet. For a bathroom with limited space, installing a wall hung toilet or sink can help free some area.
  4. Sink Placement
    The distance between the center of the sink to the wall on the side should be at least 20 inches. For the wall-hung type of sink, leave at least 4 inches from its edge to the wall on the side. For double sink installation, at least 36 inches is the recommended space between the two sinks starting from the center points. This measurement can prevent elbows from bumping.
  5. Vanity Height
    There is no standard height for Bathroom Vanity Omaha because there are some situations where adjustments are necessary, such as when you have children in the house. However, typically, bathroom vanities should measure at least 32 to 34 inches.
  6. Countertops Edges
    For safety precautions, round edges are highly recommended. This idea works well with houses that have kids.
  7. Slip-resistant Floors
    It is your primary concern to install floor materials that are not susceptible to slips. Your floor should have at least a 0.5 coefficient friction rating (COF) to secure the non-slip feature of your floor.
  8. Ventilation System
    It should measure for at least 3 square feet for window ventilation, with 50 percent being functional. On the other hand, mechanical ventilation should be at least 50 cubic feet per minute while channeled outside the bathroom.
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All Time Bathroom Remodeling Design Tips

Be inspired with these timeless remodeling design tips that your bathroom might just need. Explore more designing possibilities without having to spend lots of money.

Bathroom Remodeling Omaha

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